Prerna's father to die, another shock for Anurag and Prerna

In Kasauti Zindagi Kay, we've seen that Prerna's father met an accident along with Moloy in previous episode. This whole thing was planned by Komolika. Who made Anurag to do whatever she wants. Komolika told Anurag to Marry her because she's the only one who can do everything right again. Anurag accepts her proposal for his father and for Rajesh too.

Komolika brings her doctor who declares that Moloy is in coma and Rajesh in critical condition. Now the sharma family will be seen asking about the health of Rajesh where Doctor will declare that they can't do anything now. Everyone will be shocked and will start screaming. another fall for Prerna. Will anurag marry Komolika? Will Prerna save her father? Let see in upcoming episdoes.

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