Sikandar and Nimrat’s Engagement, lovely in shock

In upcoming episode of Starplus show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is all set for Sikandar’s remarriage but not with Lovely. Sikandar and Kulfi’s , the duo is facing a lot of problem now days in their relationship.

Where finally the time comes when Sikandar accepts Kulfi over Lovely and decides to divorce lovely. But there is a big twist in the tale, Kulfi takes promise from Sikandar that he will marry Nimrat.

Lovely’s payback time has begun while Sikandar finally decides to divorce Lovely and fulfill the promise he made to Kulfi. There will be Sikandar and Nimrat’s engagement on Sikandar's birthday.
Let’s wait for lovely’s reaction. Will lovely let Sikandar begin new life with Nimrat?

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