Anurag and Prerna together in one room making Komolika angry women

After getting hurt in love with Anurag now Prerna is becoming stronge and this is now making Komolika insecure again. Prerna is all set to teach her a lesson. Prerna is pregnant with Anurag’s child in her womb but has hide the truth from Anurag. While she wants to take revenge on Anurag, she strives to break Komolika and Anurag’s marital relationship.

However, she is unaware of the reality that Anurag didn’t married Komolika but the marriage between them is fake. Prerna thus targets Anurag against Komolika and sets up a plan to irritate Komolika. Though Anurag truly loves Prerna, he spends a beautiful moment with Prerna while this leaves Komolika furious at hell. Will Prerna realize Anurag’s innocence? Will Prerna get her love back?

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