Kulfi and Sikandar's hide n seek in remand, Sikander is hopeless now

Kulfi is facing hard time in remand house. Lovely has cunningly mislead Ammaji against Kulfi where little Kulfi is facing such a hard time in that remand house. Meanwhile, as soon as Kulfi finds that she has been sent to Remand house, not any boarding school, Kulfi thus decides to escape from here. While here Sikandar also tracks down the remand house where Kulfi is living. But who knew that Sikandar and Kulfi will meet but will eventually end up ignoring each other.

Sikandar tracks down Kulfi but as soon as he reaches remand house to find Kulfi, he fails to see her.
The duos face off and have a hit n miss moment but end up parting ways from each other. Will Sikandar ever reunite with Kulfi? Will Sikandar save Kulfi from this evil custody of Ammaji?

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