Raman's murder mystery, another twist in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

With Yug's entry as Aditya Bhalla shocked everyone in family except Ishita because she is totally aware with the truth of Yug being or pretending to be Aditya Bhalla. Now Raman and Ishita both believes in Yug truth pretending to be Adi. So Raman and Ishita together planned something and declares that Raman has gone missing since two days. Shockingly, one police asks Ishita to identity the dead body met with an accident.

Ishita thus needs the blood sample to test the DNA as the face is completely ruined of the body. Ishita thus asks Adi to provide his blood sample to match Raman’s DNA. Yug gets scared and refuses to give his blood sample surprising Aaliya too. Will Ishita be able to expose Yug this time?

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