Anurag and Prerna's Holi of love, Pregnancy news brings happiness

Anurag is trying to stel some of love with Prerna. Prerna who just celebrates her holi with her Mom and sister and got stucked with Komolika's plan. It seems Anurag and Prerna gets to enjoy the festival of Holi. Komolika gets busy with her planning to destroy Anurag and Prerna. However Anurag and Prerna steals some moment of love and celebrate Holi. Further Anurag questions the reason behind the glow on her face.

Prerna reveals pregnancy news Anurag happy. Prerna thus breaks her pregnancy news to Anurag leaving him stunningly happy. Anurag gets happy to hear this news but gets worried thinking about Komolika’s reaction. What will Anurag do now? Will he accept Prerna back or will oust her?

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