Muskaan and Sahil's revenge motive to kill Raman and Ishita

Raman and Ishita might stucked in new big problem. Earlier we've seen that Muskaan is out of jail and now trying to revenge with both bhalla duo. It was earlier seen that Muskaan was behind Raman’s property. However Raman and Ishita tackled Muskaan and sent her behind bars. Unfortunately, Muskaan’s brother Sahil got her out of the jail. Further Sahil meets Raman and Ishita seeking apology from them. Raman Ishita feels glad that Muskaan’s problem is sorted.

Raman Ishita unaware about Sahil’s real face.In real Sahil cheated Raman and Ishita where his main revenge motive is to get Raman and Ishita killed. Will Muskaan and Sahil succeed in their plan? Why Sahil wants to get Raman Ishita killed?

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