Finally Prerna reveals her pregnancy to Anurag, Komolika is shock

Anurag and Prerna are enjoying their Holi that Komolika makes them drink bhaang mixed milk. Though Komolika planned to make Prerna sign the agreement in this unconscious state. Komolika's dirty plan backfires drastically when Anurag takes away Prerna with him. Anurag and Prerna's playful Holi once again kick starts while this time Anurag and Prerna really go mad for each other.

Prerna and Anurag's passionate hug. The duos are lost in each other that Anurag questions Prerna in what manner she is special for him. While Prerna in the affect of Bhaang, finally opens up about her pregnancy to Anurag. Anurag is stunned that Prerna reveals that she is carrying his child in her womb. It would be really-really exciting to watch how this big revelation will bring Anurag and Prerna intense close to each other.

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