Anurag Komolika’s flight to honeymoon, Prerna to stop them

Mohini's new step to stop Prerna to snatch Anurag from Komoilka is to send both the newly married couple on honeymoon. One the other hand Prerna occupies Anurag’s room before her while they get into fight for Anurag. Komolika gets intense angry on Prerna while there comes Mohini with her dirty plan.

Where Prerna has determined to take revenge from Anurag and Komolika, here Komolika turns to lure Anurag. While soon Prerna comes to know about Komolika and Anurag’s honeymoon trip.

Let’s wait and see for how Prerna will ruin Komolika, and Mohini’s master plan. Will Anurag agree to Komolika’s honeymoon?

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