Mohini to send Komolika and Anurag on Honeymoon, another step to make their relation strong

Prerna's entry in Basu house makes everyone shocked and now Mohini is the one who is feeling more insecure then Komolika because she's thinking she may loose her child Anurag. It seems Prerna sleeps in Anurag’s bed room and orders Komolika to send Anurag inside. Komolika gets irked while Mohini supports her. Mohini makes arrangement for Anurag Komolika’s honeymoon.

Further Mohini orders Komolika to consummate marriage with Anurag and then only return back from honeymoon. Now it would be really interesting to see if Anurag and Komolika’s honeymoon be a successful one or a flop show with Prerna’s courtesy.

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