Anurag turns caring Hubby to Prerna, Komolika is on fire

Prerna has decided to move forward to raise her voice against Anurag who cheated her. While Komolika is enjoying some times being the Bahu of Basu's unaware with truth that Prerna is coming to snatch Anurag. Anurag and Prerna finally come together in spite of Komolika’s uncounted efforts to part them away. Anurag is unaware of Prerna’s pregnancy but is still taking care of her.

While Anurag’s friend alerts him about dangerous Komolika, Anurag gets in action mode to protect Prerna from Komolika. Komolika is really left irritated after how Prerna ruined all her pre-plotted plan to get Anurag.

Where Anurag’s care and love for Prerna leaves Komolika jealous, Komolika gets irritated seeing Prerna with Anurag. Will Anurag be able to protect Prerna? 

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