Anurag's hug to Prerna's baby bump, moving forward for couple goals

Komoilka's plan to get Prerna's signature on contract gets fails as both Anurag and Prerna are enjoying some Nashe wala time with each other. Prerna discloses her truth of having Anurag's baby.
The Holi celebration is on the head that Prerna and Anurag come close to each other. Overwhelmed Anurag flies high on the sky after knowing that he is going to be Daddy.

Anurag gets really happy with Prerna's pregnancy news that he makes Prerna lie on the bed while he starts taking care of Prerna. Moving forward, Anurag hugs Prerna and tries to feel his coming baby while he caresses her womb.The viewers will see really beautiful moments of love between Anurag and Prerna. 

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