Anurag decides to marry Prerna again, will divorce Komolika soon

While Komolika is cooking plan again and again to get rid of Prerna, Anurag and Prerna are enjoying some great time with each other. On the other hand Anupam get her love back as his wife get jealous with his fake affair act and hugs him tightly which in terms to be a happy or a fresh start of their life.
It was earlier seen that Anurag finally learns about Prerna’s pregnancy news. Anurag gets overwhelmed and takes extra care of Prerna and his baby. Further Anurag hugs Prerna’s stomach and expresses his love for the baby. Prerna thus asks Anurag to marry her and leave Komolika.

Surprisingly, Anurag agrees to marry her and fill happiness in her life divorcing Komolika. Everything seems to be so happy and nice. But will Komolika divorce Anurag so easily for Prerna?

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