Mohini and Nivedita's master plan for Prerna

Prerna who in fact want only good for Basu family but seems like Mohini and Nivedita won't going to understand this thing. Mohini and Nivedita are irked with Prerna’s stay in Basu Mansion. However in real Prerna is the well wisher for Basu family while Komolika is the real evil lady.Unfortunately Mohini and Nivedita fails to witness the goodness in Prerna and makes biggest mistake. Mohini and Nivedita finds this next to impossible but at the end they get an idea.

Anurag walks out for business tought time for Prerna. The only way to oust Prerna is in Anurag’s absence. Hence Mohini sends Anurag away for business purpose just to oust Prerna from Basu Mansion.

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