Ishita appreciate Yug's caring nature for Aliya

Ishita and Raman both are still wants to prove the reality of Yug aka Fake Adi but the condition of Aliya is now too critical and the duo is extremly concerned about her health and mental stability.
It seems Yug feels bad seeing Aaliya’s mental imbalance. Hence he unfolds his real identity of not being Adi and in real he is Yug. This shocks Bhalla family but at the same time he pleads to Ishita to let him help Aaliya recover from the same.

Ishita gives once chance to Yug to prove himself. Ishita appreciates Yug’s positive change and gives him one chance to prove himself for the sake of Aaliya. It would be really interesting to see what Ishita and Yug will do to bring Aaliya back to normal self.

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