Mohini and Prerna's cold war, Prerna warns Mohini

In past episodes we've seen how Komolika vents her anger on the police officer. Meanwhile, Prerna gets into a heated argument with Mohini and Nivedita. Later, Anurag is happy to spend some time with her.

Anurag and Prerna gets a moment of togetherness while waiting for the driver to fix the car. Mishka comes to the police station and complains to her about Komolika’s ill behaviour.Prerna tells Mohini that she had committed a mistake by sending her husband with Komolika for their honeymoon, which she had to set it straight. Prerna warns Mohini and Nivedita about not forcing Anurag to do anything, which goes against the honesty of their relationship. She also warns them that if they plan anything against Prerna, she will ruin all their plans as she was rightfully Anurag’s first wife.

Anupam comes inside Anurag’s room where he finds Anurag relax, and gets impatient when Anurag was delaying telling him about the incidents which happened between them. Anurag narrates everything to Anupam and rejoices Prerna’s victory over Komolika.

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