Prerna to get kicked out of the Basu house by Mohini

Prerna creating troubles for Anurag and Komolika in each step and she's been settled in Basu house too. It seems like Prerna has made a lot of enemies at the Basu family. In the previous episode, it has been shown that it was indeed Prerna who had her hands in putting Anurag and Komolika behind bars. As both Anurag and Komolika were waiting at the police station, Prerna suddenly arrived with a group of ladies from a women's social service as a back up for her. Prerna then accused Anurag of having Komolika as his mistress but also added that she is ready to forgive him. The women's group too joined in along with Prerna and made Anurag apply vermillion on her head.

They also made Anurag promise that he will never look at another woman and will love Prerna forever. In the promo of the upcoming episode, both Mohini and Nivi seem to be super miffed with Prerna as they stand in front of her. Prerna then laments in front of them that she is well versed with the rules of the women in the Vasu family when it comes to keeping hot gossips within their family. Therefore, she will ensure that the entire prison scene drama will not be revealed outside their house. Meanwhile, Mohini and Nivi had enough of Prerna's dramatics and ask her to leave the house. But Prerna is in no mood to listen to anyone.

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