Prerna and Moloy’s secret talk, Prerna to realize Anurag’s innocence

While there is so much twist and turns are taking place in Kasauti Zindagi Kay, still fans are enjoying the show. Prerna is now in Basu house and trying her best to take revenge from Anurag and
Komolika. But Prerna will soon realize Anurag’s innocence and Komolika’s evil conspiracies.

As soon as Anurag tries to get close to Komolika to make her get irritated with him. Here Prerna comes across Moloy Basu who is still in comma state. And a big shock to Prerna, Moloy will revive his lifeline while Prerna will tell him about her marriage with Anurag.

It will be seen that Moloy and Prerna will secretly play a big game against Komolika. Where the duos plan to expose Komolika, Prerna will be relieved on finding Anurag’s innocence behind marrying Komolika.

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