Aaliya tries to commit suicide, Ishita and Raman to take action against Yug

With Adi's entry in Aliya life, she is living all those moments again but unaware with the turth that he's a lair, Yug's plan to win Aliya's heart is now working but also leaving some effect on Aliya.
It seems Aaliya’s condition worsens as she forgets what is happening with her. Aaliya starts losing self and starts playing with knife.

Aaliya gets suicidal where Ishita witness the same and snatches away the knife from Aaliya.  Yug gets scared seeing Aaliya’s state and thanks Ishita for saving her life. Yug holds self responsible for Aaliya’s state. Yug gets restless and holds self responsible for Aaliya’s state. Now it would be really interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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