Prerna’s masterstroke, Anurag and Komolika’s honeymoon turned into scary nightmare

Where Anurag is leaving no stone unturned to earn Prerna’s hatred. Here Mohini cunningly makes Anurag agree for the honeymoon with Komolika. While Anurag has his own plans against Komolika, Prerna and Komolika challenge the war to each other. Prerna ruins Komolika’s honeymoon.

Prerna challenges Komolika that she will ruin her honeymoon and will turn her happiness into sorrow. Komolika also accepts the challenge and promises to win. But interestingly, Prerna will win this war and the hotel in which Anurag Komolika will stay, will be raided by the Police and the duos will get arrested and will spend their night in jail.

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