Prerna Sharma Basu unfolds pregnancy secrets to Anurag Basu

Anurag and Komoila's honeymoon is just gone varnished by Prerna's effort and now Prerna is preparing for holy celebration. Prerna is excited seeing Holi celebration where she proceeds to apply colour on Anurag’s face. However her happiness gets short lived as Komolika  applies colour on Anurag’s face saying Happy Holi Jaan. Prerna gets green eyed but still proceeds to wish Anurag. Prerna asks Anurag it’s the festival of happiness so should she unfold one good news.

Anurag shocked with Prerna’s pregnancy secrets. Anurag nods his head so Prerna highlights that she is expecting his baby leaving Anurag shell shocked. What will Anurag do now?


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