Anurag and Prerna remarriage leaves entire Basu Family speechless

As we all know Komolika almost got  Prerna's signtaure in Holy Party and now she's waiting for morning to blast her bomb in front of Prerna . However Prerna and Anurag just remarried to each other will disclose this thing tpo in front of hole family. Anurag and Prerna make their passionate love after Prerna reveals her pregnancy to AnuragAnurag and Prerna are spending beautiful time together that Komolika gets angry overhearing Prerna’s pregnancy’s news. Where Komolika calls family to see Anurag and Prerna, Hole family will get shocked to see Anurag and Prerna taking wedding rounds around the fire.

Anurag and Prerna remarry each other taking pious wedding rounds and wedding vows. A big shocker for Mohini, Nivi and Komolika, Anurag is following Prerna and the duos are making love promises.

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