Karan to save Ruhi and Aliya from Muskaan

Raman and karan cooked a plan and they get success in it. Eveything is setting back to normal but looks like Muskaan is not in mood of settling down for now.  Muskaan’s goons kidnap Ruhi and Aaliya to seek revenge and takes them to brothel. Somehow and fortunately Karan comes to know about the same. Karan thus reaches on time to rescue Ruhi and Aaliya. Shockingly, Muskaan gets furious and takes out her gun to shoot Ruhi but Karan takes over the bullet.

Karan trying to save Ruhi and he get shot by Muskaan and fainted down to earth. Who is going to save Karan, Ruhi and Aliya? Will Rohan get to know about Karan's condition ? There are a lot of questions here and we'll be back with answers soon.


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