Anurag earns Prerna's hatred again, Komolika is in love with Anurag

Anurag who is trying hard to save Prerna from Komolika as well as earning her hatred too. Anurag fights the robbers and risks his life to save lady love Prerna. After they are rescued from the robbers trap in jewelry shop, here Shivi makes Prerna realize Anurag’s love and concern for her. While when Prerna confronts Anurag over his love for her, Anurag intentionally earns her hatred again in order to protect her from Komolika.

Prerna gets really upset realizing Anurag’s lie and his betrayal. Angry Prerna blames Anurag for cracking marriage with Komolika where he sold his soul to Komolika. As Anurag loves only Prerna, Prerna’s blames and her bitter words shatter him. It will be really intense to watch how Prerna will realize Anurag’s innocence.

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