Shivani's master move get Ronit arrested, Komolika bails out Prerna

Komolika gets Prerna arrested and also proves her marriage with Anurag, all invalid. Meanwhile, here Ronit gets into Sharma house and shoots out gun to break Shivani's marriage alliance. While interestingly, Shivani and Veena bravely fight back Ronit and get him arrested. The twist in tale comes when Veena learns about Prerna's arrest.

Veena thus cracks deal with Komolika that if she will get Prerna out of jail and take back the complaint then only they will get Ronit out of jail. And this turns whole game, Veena and her family smartly trap Komolika where Komolika's plan flops and she finally gets Prerna's bail. It will be super exciting to watch what will be Prera's next move against Komolika

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