Komolika to beg before Prerna for help another twist

Prerna is arrested and also her marriage is proved invalid amid Komolika's nasty conspiracy. eanwhile, there in Sharma house, Ronita comes and shoots out to break Shivani's marriage alliance. The twist in tale comes when Veena gets Ronit arrested for harassing Shivani. And this flops Komolika's planning and plotting against Prerna.

Where Komolika only gets Prerna arrested, she will only bring her back to home. Sharma family will ask Komolika to free Prerna from jail as if she wants Ronit to get bail. While Komolika is stuck in her own strategy due to her own brother Ronit, Komolika apologizes to Prerna and thus gets her bail.
It will be super exciting to watch ahead Prerna's war on Komolika.

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