Anurag manipulate Komolika to win Prerna's freedom

After getting defeat from Prerna, Komoila is not in well mood to take rest she wants to kill Prerna.
It seems Komolika gets furious on her defeat with Prerna. Komolika thus takes help of her father and gets Prerna arrested. Entire Police force comes and takes Prerna away from Basu Mansion. Anurag feels hurt seeing Prerna’s loss while Komolika is extremely happy with her victory. On the other side Komolika questions Anurag over his support for Prerna while Anurag tricks Komolika.

Anurag informs her about his immense love for Komolika but in return he always got suspicion. Anurag turns upset with Komolika to make her commit some mistake. Will Anurag get some way to free Prerna?

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