Aaliya refuses to marry Yug confess love for Rohan

With an accident Aliya gets her memory back and now it seems everything is going on right track in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. It was earlier seen that Aaliya was keen to marry Yug and thus does everything to get married to him believing that he is Adi. However Muskaan’s gunshot drama turns fruitful for Aaliya as she recalls her memory where Adi was shot in a similar way. Aaliya thus learns that this guy is Yug and not her love Adi. Aaliya thus refuses to marry Yug and confesses her love for Rohan.

Aaliya propose love for Rohan not Yug. Aaliya reveals that she has decided to marry Rohan and not Yug. Will Rohan accept Aaliya’s marriage proposal? Will Yug let Aaliya get married to Rohan?

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