Prerna's fake raid to expose Komolika and Mohini

As we seen earlier Komolika got Prerna's signature in contract paper while she was not in her sense. It was earlier seen that Prerna takes new disguise of IT officer and raid Badu Mansion along with Anupam and Shivani’s help. Prerna wants to get the legal papers back at any cost as she wants to live with husband Anurag not away from him. Komolika too follows Prerna’s order being unaware about her real identity. To get rid of the raid as soon as possible, Komolika calls up her dad and asks him to help her.

Komolika shocked hearing truth from Siddhant. Komolika’s dad Siddhant reveals that the raid is a fake one and they got fooled. Will Komolika suspect Prerna behind everything? What will Komolika do now? Did Prerna get the legal papers before she got exposed?

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