Karan's deadly move, Aaliya to recall her memory

Rohan is too angry with everyone because of Aliya's marriage with Yug. It was earlier seen that Muskaan spreads poisonous gas during Yug and Aaliya’s marriage due to which entire Bhalla family falls in trouble. Fortunately Raman and Ishita are safe as they were not present during this dreadful event. Raman and Ishita manages to save Bhalla family but Muskaan gets furious and raises gun to shoot out. Karan comes in between and gets shot.

Mukaan’s death game turns fruitful for Aaliya. Seeing this hazardous sequence Aaliya recalls her memory where Ishita had shot Adi. It would be really interesting to see what happens next on the show. Will Aaliya refuse to marry Yug post recalling her memory?

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