Komolika questions Prerna’s relation with Vikrant, Anurag saves Prerna

Prerna is spending some time with Vikrant and Komolika who was just waiting for this kind of moment for a long. But shockingly, when Prerna dumps into Vikrant, her juice glass splits on Vikrant and she begins to wipe his coat. Komolika takes advantage of situation and questions Prerna’s intimacy with Vikrant while she puts her on shame. Komolika is insulting Prerna that suddenly there come Anurag who stops Komolika from pointing finger at Prerna.  Anurag puts big fat full stop to Komolika’s rubbish talk that his bold stand for Prerna leaves Komolika shell-shocked.

Komolika smirks and thereby stops Prerna from doing drama when she wants to come close to him while she says that everyone know about how she is. Anurag makes his blasting entry which leaves Komolika stumbled. It seems that the day is close when Anurag will realize how evil Komolika is. Amid Komolika insults Prerna, Anurag makes his entry stopping Komolika and says enough Komolika.

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