Sikander’s life in danger, Will kulfi save him?

Sikander sings a song for Kulfi while Miya has an idea to get her voice back. Unable to communicate, Kulfi writes a message for Sikander. The performance of Akash and Amyra had gained a lot of appreciation and soon it was time for the Benaam group to perform. Sikander along with Kulfi and her friends come onstage and Sikander starts singing. While Pandit Vishnu Bhave did not believe on some miracle which would bring Kulfi’s voice back at the last minute, Udit ji and Usha ji motivated Sikander to try and get Kulfi’s voice back. Sikander starts the performance while Kulfi feared the mic. Kulfi tried to sing for one more time but failed.

Host Harsh calls the top four contestants on stage and announces the next round. He tells the contestants that in the next round, the contestants will have to sing a song which was a different genre to their original and that only top two contestants will go in the finale round. Sikander is seen to be in dilemma considering the fact that if Amyra and Kulfi both reach the top 2, one of them will win while the other will be left heart-broken. Later, Sikander finds Kulfi and her friends rejoicing as Kulfi had regained her voice and feels immense pleasure seeing his daughter happy.


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