Komolika to force Anurag to get intimate, another break down for Prerna

Anurag went to Prison to convince Prerna to help his help and to leave Komolika and himas the way they are but she refused to get help from Anurag. on the other hand Komolika is getting angry because Anurag is not picking up her calls.

It was earlier seen that Komolika announces party in Basu Mansion post Prerna (Erica Fernandes) gets arrested. Komolika just wants to make it clear that she is Anurag’s wife not Prerna. Further Komolika does griha prevesh with Anurag post which the duo heads to their bed room for first night romance.

Anurag uncomfortable with Komolika’s romantic advances. Komolika makes romantic advances towards Anurag while Anurag feels uncomfortable. It would be really interesting to see how Anurag diverts self from Komolika and stops the romantic drama.

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