Prerna plans something big for Anurag

Prerna the one who loved Anurag more then anyone else now set to take a big step it's actually a hatred step. Prerna's love for Anurag has unfortunately took shape into hatred after how Komolika brainwashed her. Komolika cunningly stood Prerna against Anurag with a motive to make Prerna leave Anurag's life. But it seems that the fire of revenge will now get more intensified in Prerna's heart.

Prerna has determined to destroy Anurag after she realized Anurag's big fat betrayal to her true love. Anurag truely loves Prerna and is only protecting her from evil Komolika but Perna has misunderstood him. And now adding a biggest turning point in the storyline,

Prerna will plan her biggest war on Anurag by teaminh up with his business rival. It will be enthralling to watch what will happen next in the show.

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