Kulfi’s beautiful song dedicated to father Sikandar

Amyra’s dirty plan failed to oust Kulfi from the show as Lovely and Sikandar save Kulfi. Meanwhile, when Kulfi loses her voice due to the electric shock plotted by Amyra. Sikandar plays his fake death drama seeing which Kulfi finally manages to call out Sikandar and finally her voice returns. Kulfi’s love for her father is getting stronger as Sikandar made his every possible effort to protect her from Amyra’s wicked plans. Kulfi now plans to give a big surprise to her Baba in the grand finale of the Little Superstar.

Meanwhile, Mia is also planning to reveal Sikandar and Kulfi’s blood relation to the whole world.
Will Mia succeed in her plans?It will be enthralling to watch what will happen next in the show.

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