Prerna to grab Anurag’s collar questions his dirty secret about marriage

Prerna is back in basu house which made everyone stunned specially Komolika who were trying hard to keep Prerna behind the bars. Prerna has find someone's help to revenge Anurag and Basu family.  Prerna’s return leaves everyone stumbled that Anurag confronts Prerna and questions about the Man who got her bail out. Prerna rejoices her victory and pities on Basus sad and upset faces while she tells about the Man who will leave them speechless. Anurag feels jealous while Prerna counts back on Anurag and takes oath to settle scores with him over what he did with her, and this leaves Anurag confused.

Anurag confronts Prerna about what he did with her while Prerna finally opens up about the deal between him and Komolika before the marriage. Anurag is stunned while Prerna questions Anurag’s deal with Komolika where he sold her true love for money, fame, and power. It will be really enthralling to watch how Anurag will come to know about the truth behind Prerna going against him.

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