Anurag forcibly locked angry Prerna in room

Anurag is angry with Prerna's decision for getting help from his enemy. While Komolika isw trying hard to see Prerna behind the bars again. Prerna gets very angry on Anurag and confronts him for making a deal of her true love. Anurag accepts that he choose money over her love where Prerna backs off angrily. Prerna gets hurt as she sprains her leg. Seeing Prerna in extreme pain, Anurag forgets everything and forcibly carries Prerna in room.

Prerna confused over Anurag’s true love and concern. Prerna does not allow Anurag to care for him and thus Anurag angrily locks her in one room. Will Prerna allow Anurag care for her? Will Prerna understand Anurag’s true concern and love for her?

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