Kulfi's survival exposed Lovely's dark negative side

So far we have seen that how Mia plots electric shock to Kulfi to make Sikandar confess his fatherly truth. Situation goes out of control when Kulfi loses her voice and this brings big shocker for everyone. Sikandar gets in action and puts his life at risk and finally his plan succeeds as when Kulfi sees the chandelier about to fall on Sikandar, she shouts and finally her voice revives. But it seems that still the danger has not spared Kulfi.

Sikandar protects Kulfi from Lovely. Lovely gets upset with Kulfi celebrating her victory as she revived her lost voice. Lovely wants only Amyra to win the competition and Kulfi's survival makes it hard for Amyra to win. It will be enthralling to watch if Sikandar could protect Kulfi this time.

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