Rohan drugs Aaliya, Ruhi and Karan together to save Aliya

It was earlier seen that Rohan tricks Karan and invites Ruhi  and Aaliya for the corporate party.
Somehow Rohan manages to keep Karan and  Ruhi busy so that he can drug Aaliya and take her away. Rohan succeeds in his master plan and takes her to his room. Rohan gifts Aaliya a bangle and promises to always love her. Further Rohan will be seen getting physical with Aaliya where suddenly she gains consciousness.

Ruhi and Karan along with Yug warns Rohan against harming Aaliya. Rohan tires to molest Aaliya confessing love for her while at the nick of time Ruhi Karan and Yug realise that Aaliya is with Rohan and rushes to stop him. Will Rohan leave Aaliya?

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