Aaliya to sacrifice Yug's love, turns Rohan's widow

It seems Bhalla’s fails to save Rohan where he meets with an untimely death. When this news reaches Bhalla house Aaliya gets shocked and she breaks her Gathbandhan with Yug. Aaliya runs to see Rohan and she regrets her decision of marrying Yug over Rohan. Aaliya feels that if she would have married Rohan he would have been safe today. Guilty Aaliya leaves Yug behind and runs to see Rohan. It would be really interesting to see if they will find Rohan’s body or no.

Rohan’s death will take a toll on Aaliya and Yug’s.Aaliya will refuse to marry Yug post Rohan’s death. Aaliya will be seen cursing self as she will start believing that Adi died as he married her and the same pattern followed with Rohan. Shockingly, Aaliya will blame self as bad omen due to whom the person who marries her will die. Thus Aaliya will be seen sacrificing her love for Yug and choose to live a life of widow.


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