Prerna to reveal Komolika's truth with the help of Anurag?

Komolika's truth is going to be revealed in front of the Basu family. Prerna will finally help in unleashing the truth of Komolika in front of everyone. In Kasautii Zindagii Kay, Komolika had initially though that she could have the upper hand over the entire situation again by silencing Vikrant but she was wrong. Komolika has already been under Prerna's radar ever since Vikrant conveyed his doubts regarding Komolika. Now, it seems like finally, Komolika's truth will come out in front of Mohini too.

In the promo of the upcoming episode of the show, it is shown that Prerna and Komokika are having a private conversation with each other in the dark. Komolika threatens Prerna and asks her to leave the house if she wants the well being of her family. She further states that if Prerna doesn't stop here, then her condition will be the same as that of Vikrant. Prerna then confronts and asks Komolika whether she is the reason behind both Vikrant and Moloy's condition. An irked Komolika accepts the same and admits about being responsible for their condition

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