Prerna’s to catch Komolika red handed in Doctors outfit

Prerna reaches first in Hospital to see Moloy where she finds Komolika. Moloy has regained his conscious where Prerna comes to meet him. While Komolika eavesdrops on Moloy and Prerna’s chit-chat, Komolika goes angry when Moloy blesses Prerna as his daughter-in-law while speaks ill for Komolika. Komolika thus takes the disguise of Doctor to kill Moloy and shut his mouth forever before he could expose her before everyone. But it seems that it is not going to be easy for Komolika to knock out Moloy from her way.

Anurag already doubts Komolika’s hand behind Moloy and Rajesh accident meanwhile Prerna also goes suspicious behind Komolika. Komolika tries to go in Moloy’s room in disguise of Doctor, Prerna gets alert and stops Doctor. But let see if Prerna could expose Komolika before it gets too late.

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