Anurag and Prerna true love ruins Mr. Bajaj prime motive

Mr. Bajaj and Anurag's major showdown unveils the real reason behind Mr. Bajaj's eye on Basu Publications and Industries. Where Mr. Bajaj wants to ruin Basus, he also has a personal rivalry to Basu Family. And this will bring the biggest turning point in the storyline when Mr. Bajaj will completely shake up the Basu Business.

Prerna's open warning to Mr. Bajaj. After how Mr. Bajaj is taking every possible evil step to trouble Anurag. Furious Prerna will take a major step and will thus come across Mr. Bajaj. The major showdown between Prerna and Mr. Bajaj will call off Mr. Bajaj's plan to ruin Basu Business. Where Anurag and Prerna's love will chase the first victory against Mr. Bajaj. Will Mr. Bajaj sit silent after this defeat? Or the silence is the call for a new storm?

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