Sherlyn is ready with another evil plan for Preeta

Sherlyn will team up with the goon to kidnap someone again. There are high chances that she will be targeting Preeta this time. Sherlyn is never going to mend her evil ways. This is the reason why she is being avoided by Rishabh too. In the previous episode of the show Kundali Bhagya, it has been shown that Preeta gets emotional and cries while thinking about Karan. Meanwhile, Shristi finds her crying alone in the kitchen.

Prithvi gets jealous thinking about the fact that Sherlyn is sharing the same bed with Rishabh. However, Sherlyn, later on, informs him that Rishabh has been avoiding her completely.

Sherlyn calls up the kidnapper once again and asks him to come and kidnap someone else. She further states that she does not want anyone to create problems in her life anymore. She then follows the kidnapper while hiding a weapon which she carries along with her. Is Sherlyn going to kidnap Preeta?

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