Karan is angry with Preeta, believes Preeta took a bribe

Karan turns against Preeta due to the evidence given by a detective that proves she had taken bribe from Sherlyn. Sherlyn explains Prithvi how she threatened and bribed the detective and framed Preeta.

Preeta comes to the Luthra house to reveal the truth about Sherlyn, but gets mislead by Kareena, who tried to protect Rishabh and Sherlyn’s marriage. Later, Preeta decides to meet Karan before she revealed the truth. Karan accuses Preeta for taking a bribe from Sherlyn and shows her the picture where she was accepting a briefcase full of money from her. Preeta tried to convince Karan that the pictures were manipulated, however, Karan blamed her to be sold. Here, Sherlyn assures Prithvi that Karan would not bite them, as she had framed Preeta and made Karan believe that Preeta was sold.

Sarla regains consciousness and bangs on the ICU door to get her out. She worried about Preeta’s safety as she found Sherlyn locked in the ICU while she had come to see Preeta.  Shristi also wakes up from the sleep she was put into and wondered who intended to harm them.

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