Basus and Mr. Bajaj old connections another trouble for Anurag and Prerna

Ronit has eloped from jail with his Dad's political power and source. Where Mr. Bajaj is leaving no stone unturned to ruin Basu Publications and Industries. Here Ronit plans his deadliest conspiracy to take revenge on Anurag and Prerna.

Problems ahead for Anurag and Prerna
The uncounted problems are ahead for Anurag and Prerna where Shivani has already met Ronit and is left scared to hell.

It will be highly intense to watch what will happen next if the devils will join hands together against Anurag and Prerna?  It seems Anurag decides to meet Mr. Bajaj personally and confront him. Anurag warns Bajaj to not dare and ruin his business. Shockingly Bajaj gets determined to ruin everything which belongs to Anurag and Basu family. Bajaj promises Anurag to ruin everything both his personal and professional life.

Prerna to save Anurag from Bajaj’s wrath. Bajaj’s warning comes as a nightmare for Anurag where he gets scared. It would be really interesting to see if Bajaj succeeds in his mission or Prerna be able to protect Anurag from Bajaj’s wrath.

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