Preeta to figth back and to expose Sherlyn

Preeta will promise herself to expose Sherlyn in front of the Luthra family. Meanwhile, Sherlyn arrives with bad news for Preeta.Sherlyn has successfully instigated Karan against her by showing some fake evidence. Sherlyn uses this as an opportunity and comes forward to defend Karan in front of everyone.

Preeta goes back to her home post which she meets her mother Sarla and sister Shristi. She is not able to control her emotions and bursts out into tears while hugging Sarla.

Sherlyn suddenly shows up at Preeta's house and informs her that she will no longer be allowed to enter the Luthra house ever again. However, Preeta refuses to let go of Sherlyn and vows to expose her in front of everyone.

Preeta also decides to find out the reason why Sherlyn decided to get married to Rishabh. Will Preeta be able to find out the truth? Will Karan believe her? Will Prithvi and Sherlyn ever get exposed?

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