Kidnapping Twist, Anurag to finally find Prerna's pregnancy

Anurag will finally be learning about his lady love Prerna’s pregnancy. So far seen how Komolika’s death turns Choubeys revengeful against Anurag and Prerna. That evil Ronit kidnaps Prerna and thus captivates her in his dangerous den. Ronit has actually kidnapped Prerna to trap Anurag as he informs Anurag about Prerna’s kidnapping and challenges him.

Anurag turns Prerna’s savior. Finally, Anurag will reach to save his lady love Prerna. The moment Anurag will be rescuing his lady love Anurag will finally come to know about Prerna’s pregnancy.
But let see if they could safely overcome Ronit’s death trap. Or something really unexpected will happen next.

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