Prerna cares for Anurag, Komolika to strike back on Anurag

In Kasautii Zindagii Kay, Anurag is delighted when a concerned Prerna tends to him. Elsewhere, Ronit recalls his memories with Komolika while Veena receives unexpected news.

Previously, unable to find Komolika, Anurag ends up in a duel with Ronit. On the other hand, Mr. Choubey makes an evil plan. Choubey had no choice, but to leave Basu Bari with a taste of defeat as Anurag had shown the police CCTV footage, which proves Prerna innocent. He gives them a deadly look and leaves, deciding to teach Prerna a lesson soon enough. Veena and Shivani leaves after wishing Moloy a speedy recovery and comes home to Mahesh who has been waiting for them. He informs Veena and Shivani about Aryan’s visit and learns about Komolika’s dramatic fate. While Mahesh gets happy about Komolika’s demise, Shivani feels relieved as Ronit has been arrested.

Here, Prerna prepares turmeric milk for Anurag and the servant blesses them a happy life together. In the meantime, Mishka goes to see Ronit, where she finds him absorbed in the feelings of revenge and tells him about Komolika’s truth. Blindfolded with his sister’s love, Ronit tells Mishka how his only purpose of life is to take revenge from Prerna and make sure she dies. While playing chess, Anupam suggests that it is time for Anurag to confess his love to Prerna as the time is perfect. Anurag decides to trick Prerna into coming close to him, when he would confess about his love for her. He goes to her with a broken button and requests her to mend the button for him.

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