Anurag and Perna’s half marriage,break turns victory for Mr. Bajaj

As per the current, Prerna accepts Mr. Bajaj’s marriage proposal in the sake of making Anurag free from Ronit’s murder charges. The entire family including Mohini happy for both Anurag and Prerna’s future life being unaware of Prerna’s bitter sacrifice for Anurag. Mohini finally accepts Prerna as a daughter in law of the house and welcomes her in Basu mansion but Prerna is very much hurt thinking about the upcoming storm.  Anurag is very much excited thinking that now he will get Prerna in life forever and free her from their half marriage relationship.

Prerna leaves Anurag's house getting married to Mr. Bajaj. Prerna loves Anurag unconditionally and is ready to do anything for him but she never thought that she will have to go away from her love for his welfare. Apart from this, Mr. Bajaj is busy in marriage preparation and sends shagun to Sharma house while Prerna leaves Anurag’s house to start new life with Mr. Bajaj.

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